Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Case + More - Group Break! Sign Up Now!! (Only 7 Slots Remain!)

I'm still holding out hope that I can fill up the remainder of the group break.  At this point, there are still seven slots remaining.  Do note that I have combined some teams into single slots in order to make them a bit more interesting!  Here's the full list of what teams still remain:

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks & Milwaukee Brewers -
  2. Baltimore Orioles -
  3. Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, & Philadelphia Phillies  -
  4. Los Angeles Angels -
  5. New York Mets -
  6. Oakland Athletics & San Diego Padres -
  7. Toronto Blue Jays -

As you can see, some pretty good teams remain!  The other day, I went through and picked out a few of the possible autographs and other neat hits that each slot could possibly end up with.  I also found Night Owl's post detailing the number of short prints per team and I've added those numbers in to my list of "goodies" as well.  In a case break, having a lot of short prints for your team is actually a good thing - Heritage short prints are generally worth their weight in gold whether you trade your extras or sell them on eBay!  Finally, I added in some of the possible hits from the Clubhouse Collection box.  Remember, the Clubhouse Collection box promises an additional 20 hits for us!

I also want to remind those that haven't yet paid to please do so!  Thank you!

Available Slots (along with some of the possible "cool" hits available):
Note:  Each slot is $50 (shipping included to continental US) - go here to sign up!
Note:  The possible Heritage hits are listed in black font, the possible Clubhouse Collection hits are listed in blue font.  I used this site to get the Clubhouse Collection hit possibilities.
Arizona Diamondbacks & Milwaukee Brewers -
 4 short prints
PAR-Randy Johnson
PR- Randy Johnson
PR- Ryan Bruan
 LG Luis Gonzalez Jersey
 RA Roberto Alomar Uniform
 RS Richie Sexson Bat
 SF Steve Finley Jersey
 CSC Curt Schilling Jersey
 RY Robin Yount Bat
Baltimore Orioles -
 1 short print
PAR-Manny Machado
CCAR-Manny Machado
PCS-Woodie Held
ROA-Brooks Robinson
ROA-Carl Warwick
 FR Frank Robinson Uniform 
 JL Javy Lopez Jersey
 MTE Miguel Tejada Uniform
 RP Rafael Palmeiro Uniform
 CR Cal Ripken Jersey
 EMU Eddie Murray Bat 
Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, & Philadelphia Phillies - 
 7 short prints
PCS-Gene Freese
ROA-Greg Bollo
ROA-John Herrnstein
ROA-Roger Craig
ROA-Ray Herbert
 FT Frank Thomas Bat 
 MO Magglio Ordonez Bat 
 PK Paul Konerko Bat 
 EL Esteban Loaiza Jersey 
 JT Jim Thome Jersey
 CS C.C. Sabathia Jersey 
 BA Bobby Abreu Jersey
 BM Brett Myers Jersey
 JRO Jimmy Rollins Jersey
 KM Kevin Millwood Jersey
 MB Marlon Byrd Jersey
 MS Mike Schmidt Jersey
 PB Pat Burrell Jersey
 BWA Billy Wagner Jersey
Los Angeles Angels -
 4 short prints
CCAR-Mike Trout
PCS-Lew Burdette
ROTA-Mike Trout
ROA-Aubrey Gatewood
ROA-Albie Pearson
ROA-Frank Malzone
 TGL Troy Glaus Jersey
 TPE Troy Percival Uniform
 TS Tim Salmon Uniform
 RJ Reggie Jackson Jersey
New York Mets -
 3 short prints
PAR-Mike Piazza
CCAR-David Wright
PCS-Tug McGraw
PCS-Roy McMillan
ROTA-David Wright
ROA-Bill Wakefield
ROA-Choo Choo Coleman
ROA-Ernie Bowman
ROA-Gordon Richardson
PR-Mike Piazza
 AL Al Leiter Jersey
 GC Gary Carter Jkt 
 JRE Jose Reyes Jersey
 MP Mike Piazza Jersey
 TG Tom Glavine Jersey
 YB Yogi Berra Uniform
 CFL Cliff Floyd Uniform 
Oakland Athletics & San Diego Padres -
 1 short print
PAR-Josh Donaldson
ROA-Jim Dickson
 HB Hank Bauer Bat 
 MM Mark Mulder Uniform 
 RHE Rickey Henderson Uniform
 TH Tim Hudson Uniform
 BZ Barry Zito Jersey  
 DE Dennis Eckersley Uniform 
 EC Eric Chavez Uniform 
 JC Jeff Cirillo Bat 
 JCA Joe Carter Jersey 
 RH Ramon Hernandez Jersey
 TGW Tony Gwynn Bat
Toronto Blue Jays -
 3 short prints
PAR-Aaron Sanchez
ROA-Aaron Sanchez
 OHU Orlando Hudson Jersey
 VW Vernon Wells Bat
 CD Carlos Delgado Jersey 

Interested?  Go here to sign up!


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