Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Group Break: New Team Slots Formed!!

Today, Topps released the checklist for 2015 Topps Heritage which means I can now see which teams are over- (and which teams are under-) represented.

From a quick glance at the autographs, dual autos, triple autos, auto box loaders, and relic box loaders (basically the typically highest valued stuff), I found the following for the teams that are still available.  Note, I did not factor in any of the "regular" relics in the list below - just the higher valued / rarer stuff!  I also did not factor in any of the hits from the 2004 Clubhouse Collection box!

Do note that I have shuffled some of the slots to help even things out a bit!

Available Slots (along with some of the possible "cool" hits available):
Note:  Each slot is $50 (shipping included to continental US) - go here to sign up!
Arizona Diamondbacks & Milwaukee Brewers -
PAR-Randy Johnson
PR- Randy Johnson
PR- Ryan Bruan
Atlanta Braves  -
CCDAR-Hank Aaron & Freddie Freeman
CCDAR-Julio Teheran & Phil Niekro
RODA- Hank Aaron & Freddie Freeman
RODA- Phil Niekro & Julio Teheran
ROA-Phil Niekro
PR- Julio Teheran
PR- Justin Upton
Baltimore Orioles -
PAR-Manny Machado
CCAR-Manny Machado
PCS-Woodie Held
ROA-Brooks Robinson
ROA-Carl Warwick
Boston Red Sox  -
ROA-Bob Sadowski
ROA-Chuck Schilling
ROA-Dick Stigman
ROA-Joe Christopher
ROA-Rusney Castillo
Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, & Philadelphia Phillies - 
PCS-Gene Freese
ROA-Greg Bollo
ROA-John Herrnstein
ROA-Roger Craig
ROA-Ray Herbert
Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays, & Seattle Mariners -
ROTA-Bo Jackson
 PAR-Ken Griffey Jr.
Los Angeles Angels -
CCAR-Mike Trout
PCS-Lew Burdette
ROTA-Mike Trout
ROA-Aubrey Gatewood
ROA-Albie Pearson
ROA-Frank Malzone
New York Mets -
PAR-Mike Piazza
CCAR-David Wright
PCS-Tug McGraw
PCS-Roy McMillan
ROTA-David Wright
ROA-Bill Wakefield
ROA-Choo Choo Coleman
ROA-Ernie Bowman
ROA-Gordon Richardson
PR-Mike Piazza
Oakland Athletics & San Diego Padres -
PAR-Josh Donaldson
ROA-Jim Dickson
Toronto Blue Jays -
PAR-Aaron Sanchez
ROA-Aaron Sanchez

Please, please help me fill this break!  I can't possibly afford to take on all of the above team slots...any advertising you can do to help me fill the break is also appreciated!  I haven't even sold enough slots to pay for the Heritage case yet, let alone the box of 2004 Clubhouse Collection (plus shipping all of the packages)!!


John Miller said...

Chris, I might take the Braves. How many boxes in the case? packs per box? cards per pack? When is the Break? email me jfmjr1 at aol dot com

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