Friday, February 06, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #1: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 1 - 5)

Yesterday, I busted the first of the six jumbo boxes in our group break case.  If you wish, you can watch the entire process since I recorded myself opening the box live on camera yesterday.  That process was a trial run but it seemed to have worked out alright.  I just need to be more excitable on camera I guess - a bit too monotone...which is weird because when I'm teaching I'm anything but monotone.

Today, I thought I would scan some of the highlights of the box - I won't be scanning all 500ish cards...just a few cards that caught my eye from each pack (in the order that I opened up the packs).  I also won't be scanning every insert from the box - that's what the video is for!  Instead, I've decided to pick out 3 -5 cards (no more) from each pack.

Pack 1:

The first pack yielded card #1 in the set...none other than Derek Jeter.  It was no surprise that Topps would have a Jeter love fest, though I guess it's better than the Bonds/A-Rod love fest from a number of years ago.  This won't be Jeter's last appearance in the box either.

Out of the inserts, I had to scan the Jon Jay since it was a parallel that I didn't know the name of when I recorded the video.  As it turns out, they are simply called Rainbow Foil parallels and they are not numbered.  In fact, they are quite common (seeded 1:2 packs).  The Rainbow Foil cards don't scan real well (at least in terms of being able to tell that the card is shiny) so I probably won't try to scan any more.  You'll just have to watch the video to see the others in the box!

The third card of note from the pack was Yasiel Puig.  This one gets scanned mostly because I have to prove to Night Owl that I'm still awfully talented at pulling Dodger cards.

The final card of note from pack 1 was the Stan Bahnsen original buyback card.  This one is from the 1973 set and happens to be gloriously miscut.  The stamped buyback cards are seeded 1:5 packs.

Pack 2:

The second pack had another (different) Derek Jeter card in it but I chose to scan the George Springer Future Stars subset card instead.  I happen to like this card a lot - the colors work really well with the design.  I also like how Topps mostly did away with the foil this year (though the Future Stars cards are an exception to that).

The first pack had only 6 inserts in it while pack #2 had 7 inserts.  That makes my choice a bit more difficult - so much so that two Orioles inserts and three Red Sox inserts didn't make the cut to be scanned.  Instead, you get a pair of Giants including the gold parallel of Tim Hudson (#0707/2015).  The gold parallels are seeded 1:3 packs.

Finally, my favorite insert out of the pack was this framed Gallery of Greats card of Willie Mays.  The Gallery of Greats are seeded 1:5 packs.

Pack 3:

Personally, I found pack #3 to be one of the least interesting packs in the box (despite the fact that the pack held seven inserts).  I did like the Yordano Ventura karate kick card quite a bit however.

We found our second buyback of the box with the 1979 card of Tim McCarver (also miscut).

The highlight of the pack though was probably this McKayla Maroney First Pitch insert card.  The Maroney goes in the White Sox pile since she's rocking the Chicago jersey (albeit in a much sexier way than the baseball players do).

Pack 4:

The fourth pack held a couple of nice cards of young superstars.  The first of which was the Mike Trout base card with an awful lot of dirt flying around.  This particular card is definitely one of my favorites from the set so far!

The fourth pack held five inserts plus the Bryce Harper relic.  The Career High relics are seeded 1:11 packs which makes this one of the most common hits available.  However, it's quite nice that we scored a good player (and I'm sure that Cardboard Hogs is happy with the break so far)!

Pack 5:

Pack 5 had six inserts including a pair of parallels.  One was another Rainbow foil while the other was a gold parallel of Salvador Perez of the Royals (#0793/2015).

The pack also held a pair of Yankee inserts (one of which was Lou Gehrig - not pictured) while the other was this Inspired Play card of Mark Teixeira and Don Mattingly.

Since this post is already rather scan heavy, I think I'll push off the final five packs of the box until a future blog post.  If you can't wait, you can always watch the full video!


Anonymous said...

that Harper is quite nice, especially coming out of the first box! can't wait to see the rest.

Tony L. said...

I'm hopeful that I'll get at least a few Brewers out of this other than the base cards. Really, that's about all I can ask for!

Bru said...

Love that Springer! From the pair of packs that I bought, it looks like the borders stay consistent for each team. Those grew on me quick, and they nailed the Astros borders.

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