Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Case Group Break: Box #5: Pack-by-Pack (Packs 9 - 10) - Gratuitous Love (plus a Hit!)

Since today is Valentine's Day, let's make this post all about love.

No negativity allowed.
No hating allowed.

Just pure love.

Box 5:
Pack 9:

I love the name Sprangenberg.

I'm glad it's not my name, but I love it nonetheless!

I love the Gallery of Greats insert set.

I love that I scanned two Padres in a row without realizing it.  I love that Play at the Plate helped me out with the break and picked up a few random teams...and for that he's been amply rewarded by the cardboard gods.

I love the time when vaccines were considered good and no one had things like polio or measles.

I love, love, love the photo variation of Greg Holland for the Royals.

I love the Jason Koenig claimed the Royals and was rewarded with this sweet variation.

Pack 10:

I love the design of the Inspired Play cards.

I love that they are what the past three or four years' worth of "legend + modern player side-by-side as an insert" should have looked like all along.  I love the stadium in the background.  i love that Chris G. will like this card a lot since the Tigers are his team.

I also love the rainbow foil parallels - we had one in this pack of Addison Reed of the Diamondbacks (not pictured).  That one will go in Raz's card pile since he claimed the D-backs.

Finally, I love pulling hits!  I love this MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Pin.

I love that it's of a good player.  I love that Matthew Scott lands a card from his favorite team - and a really nice card at that.  I also love that these are seeded 1:18 jumbo packs.  Not too rare but still rare enough to feel special.

I hope you felt the love with this post.

I love group breaks - and I love that I only have one more box's worth of cards to write up and scan.  I also love that my self-imposed prohibition from breaking that final box is finally lifted now that I have the first five boxes' worth of posts written!  By the time this love-fest of a post goes live I'm sure I'll have already ripped that final box...but right now I love the mystery of what it could possibly contain.

One more box - and then all of you guys (and gals) can start loving your cards as they arrive in your mailbox!


defgav said...

Love it! Got my cards from you today.. thanks a bunch. <3 <3 <3

Tony L. said...

I got my cards today too! I wish the break had been more productive for me -- in particular, just getting the Carlos Gomez Robbed in Center parallel would have been nice, but it was great to get the cards today!

RAZ said...

I got my cards today as well. Thanks!

Nachos Grande said...

Glad they are arriving, thanks for joining everyone!

Tony: The Robbed in Left/Center/Right cards are retail only which is why we didn't get any in our case.

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