2015 Topps Heritage Case: Box #5 - A Red Ink AUTO and a video review of the box

The 2015 Topps Heritage group break has been a lot of fun so far.  Quite honestly, the boxes have been more fun than I was expecting - the different variations, short prints, etc. make for a fun box rip (even if makes collecting a master set nearly impossible).

Box #5 provided a few cool things including our first autograph (a red ink auto numbered out of 66) and another chrome refractor.  We also landed another one of the gum stain cards.  You can see me go through all of those cards plus all the other short prints and inserts by watching the video review of the box.

I also decided to scan one scanner bed's worth of cards so that you could see some of the "better" cards up close and personal.  I'm a fan of the combo video/scan post like this one...it is a lot quicker for me than trying to scan (and crop) all of the individual inserts.  It's also a lot easier to write since I'm not terribly creative and trying to come up with 12 different ways to say "here are the eight short prints" is basically impossible for me!