2015 Topps Heritage Case - Box #6 Review: Color Swap Card, Derek Jeter Hit, plus More!

It's time to take a look at the final box of cards from the first half of the 2015 Topps Heritage group break case.  In box #6 we discover a nice Derek Jeter relic plus a color swap variation seeded 1:140 packs!  Given that a case has 288 packs in it, that color swap is essentially two-per-case which makes for a nice addition to one team's stack.

Which team you ask?  Well, you could watch the video...or just scroll down to see the biggest highlights out of box #6. 

Now for the scans.  On the top row, we have the chrome Michael Brantley (Indians), the color swap variation of Stanton (Marlins), and an action variation of Miguel Cabrera (Tigers).  The middle row features our hit of the box (Jeter - Yankees) plus a Then & Now card that I happened to like.  The bottom row is the advertising panel that will be randomized at the end of the break between the Rays, Dodgers, and Brewers.  I will say that I went through the entire stack of base cards twice but did not find any of the gum stain variations in this box.  That's about right since they are seeded about 8 per case from what I've read...  Through our first six boxes, we have found four gum stain cards which is right on the mark.