Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Group Break: The End of the Heritage (Box #12)

The end of the Heritage recap posts is finally here!  First, here's a quick video recap of box #12.  Then, read on to see how the case fared as a whole.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with our case.  In fact, it was probably one of the best group break cases one could have hope for!

By my count, we received:

  • 6 Buyback original cards
  • 6 advertising panels
  • 12 action variations
  • 1 error variation
  • 8 gum stain variations
  • 1 color swap variation
  • 1 throwback uniform variation
  • 1 blue ink autograph
  • 1 red ink autograph
  • 1 mini parallel
  • 1 black bordered chrome refractor
  • 24 purple refractors
  • 12 chrome cards
  • 8 chrome refractors
  • 10 relics
  • plus the expected number of short prints with two extras!

That's a solid break - and just about every team walked away with at least one or two cool cards.  I hope everyone enjoyed the break - and I hope all those in the break enjoy their cards!


Brian said...

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the cards in person. Thanks again for all the work you put in on this!

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