Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Building the Larkin Collection! (Thanks Joe!)

A couple of weeks ago, I exchanged a series of emails with fellow Barry Larkin collector Joe.  We agreed to a quick and easy swap of Larkin cards in order to help both our collections out.  Joe mailed first and gifted me with nine brand new Larkins for my collection.
Nine New Larkins:  Awesome!

I wasn't able to provide him with quite as many for his collection...but I was able to give him a few to aid Joe in his quest for 700 unique Larkin cards.

I have to admit that I love collecting sets...but it's almost as much fun to get a slew of brand new Larkins!  I'll (eventually) feature all of the Larkins in their own post as part of my ongoing Barry Larkin Collection.

Speaking of that Collection.  At the moment I have 347 entries...with another 173 cards scanned and ready to be written about (that's not counting any of the nine cards from Joe).  That puts my collection at 529 cards - but I still have to sort all my Larkins from 2001 onward.  Could I possibly have 700 different Barry Larkin cards already?  I think that's probably a stretch but I've got to be somewhat close to that number!

How can I get to that number (and beyond)?  Simple.  By trading.

Lots of trading!

If you have any extra Barry Larkin cards I would love to work out a trade for them!  I'm interesting in ALL Larkins from ALL brands!  Until then, I'll keep (slowly) working my way through the massive backlog of scans that I need to write about...and maybe by the year 2025 I'll be all caught up!


Joe Frecker said...

Pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for the Shout Out.
Only a couple of weeks until opening day!

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