Saturday, March 28, 2015

Collector's Crack is my Supplier!

This past Thursday was a good day for my mailbox - I ended up receiving a pair of trade packages after spending the first half of the week getting nothing but bills in the ol' box!  Even more interesting (to me anyhow) is that both of the trade packages originated in Alaska (but are from different people)!  I don't get a lot of mail from it was noteworthy to me!

The larger of the two packages was courtesy of Mark over at Collector's Crack.  Mark and I both collect baseball cards (of course) but we each also collect LEGO stuff.  This trade (as is the case with many of our trades) involved a little bit of both of our hobbies!

First, the baseball cards:

Mark sent me a small stack of 2015 Topps base cards that I still needed.  Thanks to his generosity, I'm achingly close to completing Series I - you can find what I still need here.  Out of the stack of cards, I picked my three favorites.

It must be noted the majority of the photograph highlights of this year's flagship set come in horizontal form.  The Jason Kipnis is one example of a great looking card - and this is one of the rare cases where Topps didn't chop off an appendage unnecessarily!

The other horizontal card that I liked a lot was the Salvador Perez card.

ESPN must also love this card - you can't get much better product placement than that!  The pure joy in the Royal's faces is palpable...and it makes for a great card!

The final base card of note wasn't horizontal - but it was one of the Future Stars subsets.

That's Jose Abreu rocking the throwback uniform of the White Sox - and it makes for a great card...especially with the black border at the bottom.  This year's flagship design is top notch for sure!

Mark also sent me a pair of the Robbed retail only insert cards.

The Robbed set is the only insert set that I'm trying to complete for Series 1 - and I'm pleased to say I'm making slow (but solid) progress on it.  Should any of you loyal readers have any extras from this set, check out my want list and see if you can help me out in my quest!

As I mentioned, the trade consisted of both baseball cards and LEGO - specifically, one LEGO minifigure from Series 13.

That's the Sheriff - and he comes complete with a wanted poster for the outlaw that was featured in a previous series of minifigures!  That's pretty cool if you ask me (and it's even better since I already own the outlaw)!

Thanks to Mark I am now over halfway towards completing the 13th series worth of minifigures!  You can find all the figures that I am still missing (from Series 13 all the way back to Series 1) but going to my LEGO-centric blog here.

Thanks a lot for the great trade Mark!  Sorry I was a bit slow to send...your end of the swap goes out in the mail later today!


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