Thursday, April 23, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 357: 1996 Fleer - #345 - Tiffany Parallel

Barry Larkin
Year:  1996
Brand:  Fleer
Parallel set:   Tiffany
Card number:  345

Fleer took a page out of the late 80s Topps' playbook and released a shiny version of their flagship set called Tiffany.  The Tiffany cards look exactly like the regular base cards except for the card stock (shiny, not matte finished) and the foil has a rainbow-eque sparkle to it.  Personally, I think the Tiffany parallels "pop" a lot more than the regular base cards - for some reason the borderless design works exceptionally well with the shinier card stock...and the sparkly foil adds just enough extra shimmer that the entire parallel set does, in fact, seem a bit more special than a regular base card.  For that reason, I would say that Fleer did a nice job with their parallel set - something that I don't often say about parallel sets in general!


Joe Frecker said...

Nice card. Another one of envy for me. Something about that name Tiffany. Maybe it was the cute girl in high school. Anyway, looks like the back is all Tiff-ed out, too. As compared to the base card that you posted about a few days ago.
Barry will be at the 1990 world champs reunion this weekend in Cincy. Going Saturday.

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