Monday, May 11, 2015

Nachos Grande Group Break: Gypsy Queen Box Highlights - AWESOME PATCH CARD #/5 Pulled!

I have to jump straight to the biggest, baddest hit of the break so far:

That's a gorgeous Adam Wainwright Red Patch relic numbered 5/5 on the back!

This was an amazing pull - and even more amazing when you realize that the red patch parallels are seeded 1:3,391 packs!  This is actually the SECOND rare patch relic that we've pulled this break (the other being from the Panini Diamond Kings box).  We haven't even opened the Topps Museum box and we're already way ahead of expectations.  In fact, I'm not sure I can remember a break in which I pulled two incredibly rare cards both numbered out of 10 or less!

What a box - and that's not even showing off any of the other cards!

Since everyone has probably seen their fill of the regular Gypsy Queen base cards, short prints, minis, and inserts, I won't be showing those off (you can watch the video to see every single card if you so wish).  Instead, let's take a quick look at some of the rarer stuff plus the remaining three hits from the box.

We pulled three of the silver mini parallels (all numbered out of 199).

The David Cone (Yankees) is 063/199.
The Victor Martinez (Tigers) is 184/199.
The Chris Sale (White Sox) is 025/199.  

I'd say we did pretty well with the names we pulled.  

That leads us to the remaining three hits (none of which were as cool as the patch - but that's no surprise)!

First, the autographs:

Evan Gattis (Braves)

Dalton Pompey (Blue Jays)

I appreciate that both of the autograph are on card - and the design of the card works well with the signature if you ask me.  I don't know much about Pompey so I can't speak to how good or bad of a pull that autograph is.

Moving on to the final hit - a framed relic:

That's Gerrit Cole of the Pirates - and it's a beautiful looking card for sure!

In fact, it's almost as nice as the Wainwright - and hopefully the Cole card will make Matt happy since he claimed Pittsburgh.  I'm sure the Wainwright makes Brady happy - he already had a pretty good break before this box but now...wowsers!  Lets see that patch one more time.

There is still one more box to go (and it's the big one of the break).  Let's see if we hit another great card in that box!


Matthew Scott said...

That Wainwright is fantastic. Glad to see Cole pulled. Now go pull me something nice from Museum Collection :)

Frankie.M said...

How do I join these breaks?

CardinalsFan16 said...

That is a sweet Wainwright. I guess the Reds and Cardinals are tied now 1 to 1 with starters out for the year. If you get a chance, drop me a message about some Larkins and set hits I have for you.

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