Friday, May 08, 2015

Send Kevin Gregg to AAA

The Cincinnati Reds have been a mediocre team for the vast majority of the 2015 season to date.  Unfortunately, as any Reds' fan can attest, the Reds would have a much better record if they had ANYONE in the bullpen (besides Aroldis Chapman) who could get the opposing team out.

Well, now it seems that the fans' frustrations with the bullpen is finally coming to a head (even if the Reds' manager Bryan Price seems perfectly content with his bullpen guys throwing gasoline on the proverbial fire night after night).

From my own perspective, I agree that Kevin Gregg no longer has any right to be on a Major League Baseball mound.  I don't have anything against the guy - but it seems clear by his 10.00+ ERA on the year that he simply cannot get professional hitters out anymore.  This is a bad combination for a reliever...and so let's relieve him of that duty Cincinnati.

Send Kevin Gregg to AAA.


Matthew Scott said...

It amazes me he gets in the game for any other reason than mop up duty. I'm thankful that he got in yesterday as he helped revive the Pirates anemic offense. It is funny you posted this as I was emailing back and forth talking about this very topic with a friend of mine.

Their is a good stat you can look up on Fangraphs called WPA (win probablity added). It is a little complex but it is a good way to measure relievers in high leverage situations. Gregg was 308th out of 312.

Red Cardboard said...

I don't even want him taking up a roster spot in Louisville. Need to cut him.

Tony L. said...

Kevin Gregg is still employed on a major league roster? Color me surprised.

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