Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #10 (The Final Box - and it holds a one-of-one!)

We've finally reached the end of the fourth group break of 2015 here at Nachos Grande.  I'm already beginning to think about the fifth break of the year - I had thought about Series 2 but that's out already and I think people are probably sick of maybe we wait until Ginter?  Any other suggestions?

While I wait for suggestions, let's finish off break #4 with our tenth and final box out of the 2015 Topps Archives case.  We had an AWESOME case - and we finish on a high note with a one-of-one card.  I'll get to that shortly, but first let's look at the other cards in the box!

We begin with the buyback card - it ended up being another Ranger.

That Len Randle in all of his 1976 Topps glory.  Out of the ten buyback cards in the case, we pulled two Rangers plus a Washington Senators card - the precursor to the Rangers!  That's 30% Rangers' buyback cards in the case - a great haul for BMan who had the Rangers but not a great selection for everyone else involved in the break.  All that said, I think most people should be happy with how their team(s) did - at least, I certainly hope that that is the case!

Our tenth and final Will Ferrell card is the one depicting him as an Angel.

I was pleased to see that our case did indeed provide one of each of the ten different versions of Will Ferrell.  This is a set that I aim to collect - so if you have any that I need, let me know!

The final box of the case provided us with three parallels - two base card parallels and one auto parallel.  A nice way to end things if you ask me.

Our base card parallels were both of the silver variety.  First, this gorgeous Miguel Cabrera card for the Tigers.

A big congrats to Julie for that one - she gets a Cabrera numbered 129/199.

Our second silver parallel is Carlos Santana of the Indians.

I ended up "stuck" with the Indians - so if anyone is a big collector of cards numbered 116/199, hit me up.

That leaves us with three more scan-worthy cards.  First, our basic autograph.

That's Andruw Jones of the Braves - though how you get "Andruw Jones" out of that scribble is beyond me.  Seriously, can you make out any part of his name in that auto?  I know I can't.

Our other autograph was this gold parallel of Jose Vidro of the Expos (Nationals slot).

Jaybarkerfan had the Nats/Expos in the break so he is the lucky recipient of this card numbered 45/50.  I like that Vidro included his uniform number with his auto - pretty cool looking signature!  We actually pulled Vidro's regular autograph in this case as well - so maybe Jaybarkerfan will become a Vidro supercollector!

Finally, we get to the one-of-one that we pulled.  It's a printing plate of Matt Kemp of the Padres.

I was happy to pull this plate for a couple of reasons.  First, printing plates are seeded 1:865 packs (or about 1 per 3.6 cases) so it's always fun to pull a rare, unexpected card.  Second, I was happy to see that our one-of-one was a Padres' card since The Underdog Card Collector claimed the Padres a long time ago (back when Topps talked about a Tony Gwynn tribute in this year's edition of Archives).  The so-called tribute ended up being that Topps used the 1983 Topps design...big whoop.  At least this way TUCC (for short) still ended up with a cool prize from the group break!

The final reason I was happy to get this particular printing plate is that it is the magenta plate and not the yellow printing plate.  Everyone knows the yellow printing plates are the worst.

A big thank you to everyone who joined in the break - and for all of you who have followed along throughout the adventure.  We ended up with a great case - and I think pretty much every slot in the break got something pretty cool.  At this point, all I need to do is to pack stuff up - so expect your cards soon.  In fact, I fully intend to have the cards in the mail by the time you actually get to read this post!

*** Editor's Note ***
I am pleased to report that YES, I do have all the cards packaged up - with the final four flat rate mailers heading out in the mail today thanks to my wife making a trip to the Post Office for me (I have an 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM work day today so there's no way for me to make it to the Post Office).  The remaining flat rate mailers all went out this past Saturday - so it's possible that some of you will receive your cards today!  Enjoy - and thanks for participating everyone.


Matt Stupienski said...

If you want to trade that Jones away I've got plenty of Ginter inserts for you. Some new rare ones too as of today. :D

Nachos Grande said...

Matt, shoot me an email with whatcha got for me. I'll keep the Jones set aside for you.

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