Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Group Break: Box #5 (Another 1:70 Pack Short Print Shows Up!)

The fifth box of the break was probably the best box for me personally.  I, of course, claimed the Reds and I managed to land a pair of nice Cincinnati cards in box #5.  I wasn't the only one who made out well here let's take a look.

We begin, as usual, with the Topps Game cards.

Despite scanning five boxes' worth of these now, I still like 'em.  That's no small feat.  Also, it's nice to see the home run card show up - though now I can't help but wonder how you are actually supposed to play the game seeing as how there are no directions included in the box (or on the cards).

Anyhow, I'm probably the only one who would want to actually play the darn thing...I'm guessing there isn't even a fleshed out game!

The first of the two great Reds' cards in the box was this Will Ferrell.

The back of his card says that:
"Will staffed third base for one inning for the Reds, dancing around impressively between pitches.  Though no balls were hit his way, he left to raucous cheers."
I guess it was nice that the Diamondbacks didn't pick on Will in the field the same way the Reds did when he was playing against them...

Anyhow, I was happy to acquire that card...only nine more to go for me!

Our buyback of the box was a Giant from 1980.

That's barely considered vintage in my fact, I don't consider it vintage despite the fact that I wasn't born until 1982.  Even so, it's a nice pickup for P-Town Tom who has the Giants in the break.

Box #5 yielded a pair of silver parallel base cards.

The first was a Pablo Sandoval (#069/199) while the other was David Wright (#154/199).  Personally, I like the photo on the Wright caard a lot more...spring training, blue skies, happy ballplayer.  Good stuff there!

We actually pulled a third silver parallel in this box, but first let's look at the non-paralleled autograph.  This one is Tony Fernandez looking incredibly '80s in this photo.

I think he's trying out for one of the daytime soap operas...  Even so, it's a nice pickup for buckstorecards - one that I'm sure he'll like!

Next, the silver parallel autographed card:

That's Oscar Gamble (minus the crazy hair).  It's heading to jaybarkerfan who has the Yankees in the break.  For what it's worth, the card is numbered 071/199 on the back.

All of that leads us to the real hit of the box (in my eyes anyhow):

That's a Rob Dibble 1:70 packs short print!  Wooooooo!

Actually, I can't decide if I'll keep it or sell it since there's no way I'll ever acquire all 30 of the super short prints in this set.  Actually, looking at eBay as I write this post - I think I'll just keep it for now.  Prices for this particular short print are extremely low, no $200 price tag here...  I don't care thoug, it's still a great pull for my Reds!

That's it for Box #5 - and this means we are at the halfway point of the case.  If you haven't watched the video yet, I can assure you that the second half of the case blows the first half out of the water.  If eBay is any guide, we are going to pull a pair of cards worth a couple of hundred bucks each (unfortunately neither of them Reds though, haha).

Stay tuned - more to come shortly as I continue sorting, scanning, and packing!


P-town Tom said...

You aren't the only one who has wondered about how to play the game.
Nice box for you!

Brian said...

My guess on how the game is played :

Step one - have a complete set of game cards.
Step two - one or two players agree to play.
Step three - shuffle the cards (maybe put them in toploaders first?)
Step four - take turns drawing cards from the shuffled deck (like a blackjack dealer) - first person to draw is the hitter in the top of the first inning. keep drawing cards until there are three outs. Then the other player draws as the hitter in the bottom of the first. repeat for a full 9 innings. re-shuffle the deck when all cards have been drawn. Most runs at the end of 9 innings wins.

To make it interesting, you could have a stack of cards that go to the winner. I think I am going to say those are my house rules. I might try to put together a new set and the old 68 set and see about using the deck to determine contest winners on my blog.

BTW, I didn't have the funds to join this break, and I'm kicking myself after seeing how much cool Twins stuff has been pulled. oh well - next time!

night owl said...

That's basically how the game is played. Pretty simple

Brian said...

oh hey I found this :

The last image is the back of the box set from 1968 game... I was close, the only difference is the rule to shuffle the deck again at the end of each full inning.

Tim B. said...

That's a great idea! BTW, I didn't have the funds to joi. This break either an I'm liking myself after that silver Gamble auto was pulled.

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