Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Delivery Time! Cards from Stubby! (Pt. 3: Purple Refractors and Sweet, Sweet Vintage)

It's time for the third (and final) post regarding a recent trade package from Martin (aka Stubby).  In the first post, I showed off some vintage Reds.  In the second post, I showed off some more modern Reds from Pacific sets.  Today, we end our exploration of the trade package with a bit of new and old!

Let's begin with the new - a pair of 2015 Topps Heritage purple refractors.

The purple refractors are pretty cool - and they weren't all easy-to-find since you had to get the right hobby box (I believe one hobby box per case had 24 purple refractors in it).

The Aroldis Chapman card is a bittersweet card for me because I imagine it is only a matter of time before Chappy is moved to a different team prior to the trade deadline.  This year's Reds' team has been putrid most of the time so I guess I can't blame management for shopping Chapman.  Still, it'll be sad to see him throwing 100+ mph for someone other than my Redlegs!

Shifting back to a time when the Reds actually managed to win a World Series - the decade of the 90s...  Here Stubby sent me a single representative of that era - but it's a winner in my book!

Yeah, I love getting Larkin cards!  ...but amazingly enough, that Larkin is only the 4th best card in this trade post.  The three cards that beat it out?  Continue reading...

Let's begin with a 1972 card...but not just any '72 - one of the best cards in the entire 1972 Topps set if you ask me:

That's a Johnny Bench that instantly makes my vintage Reds' collection much more impressive.  Nitpickers will say that the card is off-center but I certainly don't care - it's all that much more charming in my book!

Coming in at #2 in my spontaneous countdown is another Johnny Bench vintage card - this one from the previous year (1971).

That's a truly awesome looking card - I love everything about it.  The image is great (blue sky, big smile), the fake signature is easy-to-read without being distracting, and even the black border adds to the charm of the card.  Great stuff.

So what in the world could possibly beat the two Johnny Bench cards?


Boom!  That's a 1966 Pete Rose card.

Sure, it might have some paper loss on the front - and a creased corner or two - but I don't care.  No, this card becomes one of my favorite cards in my entire collection instantly!

Many, MANY thanks for all of the great cards Martin!  This was a fun box to work my way through - and the vintage (as well as the Larkins and Pacific) were all very much appreciated!


Jeff Jones said...

Damn, nice Rose, that '72 Bench is minty too. I know the feeling of losing a flame throwing closer, not fun. Sucks about Cozart he was playing so well...

roddster said...

Sweet vintage cards!

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