Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Allen & Ginter: Box 1 - Packs 17 - 20 (A No-Number Mini Shows Up!)

Welcome back!  I'm continuing my journey through my first hobby box of 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter!

Box 1:
Packs 17 - 20:

Once again, I absolutely crushed the short print odds - each of the four packs produced a short print giving me 17 for the box (out of 20 packs)!  That seems way, way off to me - and can you imagine my Gint-a-Cuffs score for this box if only I had used this box for that contest?!  Other than the four short prints, my favorite base card was a toss up between the Coco Crisp card and the Julie Foudy card.  I'm guessing lots of people will scan Mr. Crisp though so I went with Foudy.  After all, our US Women's Soccer team deserves some love after their victory in this year's World Cup (not that Foudy anything to do with that but it is the thought that counts)!

Along with all the short prints, I also received another Starting Points insert (Hunter Pence).  The next four packs also provided my second full-sized buyback card.  

This time around, it's a 2008 buyback of  Johnny Peralty of the Indians.  At least this one is probably tradeable...that is, if anyone out there actually desires the buybacks of cards less than a decade old!

Moving on to cards that I desire - I landed three more full-sized inserts including my second What Once Was Believed card.

The Phrenology card discusses the idea that a person's mental capacity and character could be determined by the size of his or her skull.  This isn't the first time that Allen & Ginter has featured a skull on a card - who can forget the card of the Lucy skeleton from a few years ago?!

The second Great Scott! card of the box is a bit dull - but since it's new to my collection I'm still happy to have it:

A card celebrating a Search Engine isn't super exciting...but I will admit that search engines are worthy of a spot in the Great Scott! set.  

Finally, another Menagerie of the Mind card - and it might be the best one yet!

The Sphinx is awesome!  I would love to get to Egypt some day (perhaps when tensions are a bit lower) and seeing the pyramids plus the Sphinx is near the top of my bucket list!

That leaves us with the four minis from the packs - and what a motley crew we have this time around.  There was one black bordered mini (Mookie Betts) and one A&G back mini (J.D. Martinez).  

Even rarer, I pulled my first no-number mini of the case - none other than Stephen Drew.

The no-number minis are seeded 1:79 hobby packs this year so they are quite rare.  The Drew might be the rarest of the minis this time around but it wasn't my favorite.

No, that honor goes to my first Birds of Prey mini insert cards!

The Osprey is a nice looking card - and I like that Topps continues with at least one animal-centric mini insert set a la the original Allen & Ginter line of cards!  This is also a fine time to remind my readers that I WANT ALL YOUR MINI INSERTS!  

That's it for packs 17 - 20, I'd say they were an excellent group of packs.  Only four more packs remain in the box - and one of those four better hold the third promised hit of the box!  

More goodies coming soon!


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Keep 'em coming! My favorite so far is that three headed dog monster.

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