Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 Allen & Ginter: Box 1 - Packs 5-8 (an A&G back short print shows up)

Today has been a fun day full of baseball cards - and now it is time to finish off the first third of the first box of Ginter!  Here are the spoils from the next four packs!

Box 1:
Packs 5 - 8:

Out of the base cards, I ended up with a couple more rookies including Buck Farmer and Steven Moya.  I also got my second Reds' card (Zack Cozart).  Other highlights include a surfer chick, Thunderlips (from Rocky), and the Appomattox Court House.  You could probably guess that I'd choose the non-living subject to scan!

I must also say that my theory of either getting a short print or a Starting Point insert card in each pack is completely wrong.  My four packs yielded FOUR short prints (yep, one in each pack) plus another two Starting Point cards.  I have a feeling that everyone will see enough of the Starting Point cards once Gint-a-Cuffs comes around so I think I'll refrain from scanning any of them (unless one is so awesome/neat that I have to)!

My minis from packs 5-8 were mostly dull - not a single mini insert to be found.  Instead, I pulled a pair of regular back minis (Julie Foudy and Matt Barnes) and a pair of A&G back minis (Justin Upton & Gary Brown).  The Upton is my second Upton mini of the box - the other being the regular back version.  The Gary Brown mini is a short print - and the A&G back short prints are seeded 1:65 packs which I guess makes it a nice pull.

I'd be more excited about that if I'd actually heard of Mr. Gary Brown.

I was excited for the final two cards - both full-sized inserts.  First, my second Menagerie of the Mind card of the box.

The Werewolf features prominently in many legends and stories making it a perfect fit for the insert set (perhaps even more so than the Mermaid which I pulled in an earlier pack).

The final card for today is my first Ancient Armory insert card.

The Dane Axe  was first forged more than 1,000 years ago and according to the card back the axe is still featured on the coat of arms for Norway today!  Pretty cool stuff - a card of the weapon of choice for Richard the Lionheart (12th century).

Admittedly, the four packs weren't the most exciting - but this box has already produced a relic plus a framed mini buyback.  The A&G back short print is another nice pull, even if the player choice is rather uninspiring to me.  At least I'm creeping closer to completing some of the full-sized insert sets!


arpsmith said...

I would be interested in Mr. Gary Brown if he is for trade. He is a failed Giants prospect that was cut early this year and is no longer with the team - but since he is a Giant I want him :-)

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