Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 4 - Packs 13 - 16 (Another Hit - plus Jetpacks!)

My eBay auctions are doing quite well so far - the wood mini has already sold in fact.  I still have a bunch of other great stuff from my case of Ginter up for sale though - you can find them all here.  I'd love any support or advertising you can send my way - after all, I need to do well with this year's sales in order to afford next year's case of Ginter!


Welcome back - today's post contains another hit and a flashback to some music that I used to listen to (ok, still do at times)!

Box 4:
Packs 13 - 16:

We begin with our obligatory base card - and today it's Buck 65 making an appearance.  I was actually kind of excited to see Buck 65 on the checklist as he is someone that I was turned on to during my college years.

Even better, Buck 65 often peppers his songs with references to baseball - some quite obvious (such as 463) while others a bit more hidden within the lyrics.  Either way, I've enjoyed playing some Buck 65 while I write this post!

Moving on, my minis consisted of two regular backs, one A&G back (Billy Butler), and this one:

Another one of the First Ladies minis - a set that I am definitely going to try and complete (and will need your help)!  The subject of this one is Dolley Madison (yes, with an "e" in her first name).  According to her card, Dolley is one of the most beloved first ladies in U.S. history.  She also married a dude who was 17 years older than her.

My full-sized inserts included another What Once Was Believed.

This one talks about how it was once believed that even the driest areas would become fertile once they were settled.  This belief was reinforced by unusually heavy rainfall in the 1870s and 80s in the usually dry western plains...but the rain didn't stick around forever and soon two million settlers were living in drought conditions.  Whoops!

Next, Jetpacks!

I think the Jetpack is an easy choice for the "What Once Would Be" set.  After all, even the Jetsons cartoon made kids think that jetpacks were all but certain...  Unfortunately, it hasn't quite worked out that way.

Finally, we land another hit - and yes, it is another one of the 10th anniversary style relics.

That's Brian Quinn.  Who is he?  I have no idea.  After a bit of research, it appears he is known for Impractical Jokers.  I don't know anything about that show...and thus, I know nothing about Quinn.  At least the bit of cloth isn't plain white...that's something, right?


Kevin Papoy said...

I don't know if you saw it, but I put up an interview of Buck 65 on my blog the other day ! He's a very good friend of mine, so he was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions about that card.

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