Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 4 - Packs 17 - 20 (The Third Hit of the Box) - and I WANT YOUR FRAMED RELICS from Allen & Ginter!

We have eight packs remaining in box #4.  Let's get half of them opened right now, shall we?

Box 4:
Packs 17 - 20:

I went with a scan of one of the Starting Points cards only because I didn't pull any base cards that caught my eye (that I haven't already shown off at least).  The Starting Points set is 100 strong - and with 12 per box I should end up with 144 of them when the case is all said and done.  Here's hoping they are distributed in such a way that I get the entire set from one case...if not, I'll be trading a lot!

Sticking with the full-sized cards, I ended up with another What Once Was Believed - that's the third one of those this box!  This card actually came out of the pack with a bit of crease through the back...definitely disappointing but you can't see it from the front of the card at least.

My other full-sized insert was this Lion King-esque looking card of the Chimera.

The Chimera is a pretty tough baddie with a body of a lion, head of goat, and a tail of snake...and the thing breathes fire!  People in ancient times sure had big imaginations!

The mini selection was excellent this time around - two regular minis (one of which was a short print) but more importantly, two mini inserts!

First, my second Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons card!

I went three boxes without a single card from this set - and now box 4 has provided me two of 'em.  I guess you never know with Ginter!  James Hill was born into poverty, lost an eye in a boyhood archery accident, and still eventually became a transportation magnate by founding the Great Northern Railway Company.

My other mini was from the Birds of Prey insert set.

The Barn Owl doesn't hoot (according to the card) but rather lets out an eerie rasp.  They are most common in tropical climates.

Finally, the third hit of the box - a dull relic.

I have very little interest in the full-sized relics.  I wish Topps would go back to the all framed relics...they are so much nicer!  I'm assuming it is some sort of cost thing but I don't know for sure.  Does anyone actually like this relic style better than the framed relics?  If so, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Speaking of framed relics, I think I am going to give collecting the full set a shot - if you have any for trade, let me know!  All of my full-sized relics are available for trade!  And finally, here's another plug for my eBay auctions.  I've got a lot of great stuff from Allen & Ginter up on there - any bids are appreciated (especially early bids - that helps to drive sales)!


P-town Tom said...

Man, there you go again pulling hits of guys who are all over the baseball news.

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I knew I should have made an offer on the Hamels!! Good luck collecting them... I do like the framed mini-buybacks this year too.

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