Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 6 - Packs 13 - 18 (More Mini Insets and a Braves Relic)

The first half of box #6 has been mostly disappointing.  Way too many full-sized duplicates (every card in fact) and only two mini inserts (both of the First Ladies variety).  I also only found one hit - though it was a nice framed relic of David Wright, so that's something.

Even so, I'm hoping for a much stronger second half of the box.

Box 6:
Packs 13 - 18:

After opening up the six packs, I can assure that my lack of luck in terms of full-sized inserts has continued.  Another bunch of duplicates.  I did, however, land two new mini inserts so I won't be complaining as much this post!

First, another First Ladies card.

I think the First Ladies insert set might be the largest of the mini sets that Topps has produced for the Allen & Ginter line.  It seems like I keep pulling cards from the set but I'm actually nowhere near completing the darn thing yet!

My other mini was another Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons card.

Andrew Carnegie is a pretty big name in the Pennsylvania region - I'm not sure but it seems like there are many, many towns around me that have a library or some other building named after him.

My final card is the second hit of the box - and despite the plain whiteness of the swatch, it's still a pretty nice pull!

That's Freddie Freeman representing the 10th Anniversary relic design.

I should still have one more hit in the final box - perhaps a printing plate or a silk card?  Maybe (even better) a rip card?  I've gone two years where I have bought a case of Allen & Ginter and NOT received a rip card.  I think if I don't get one this year I'll have to stop buying cases since it just isn't meant to be for me!


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