Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Topps Allen & Ginter: Box 7 - Packs 7 - 12 (The Djinn and Jackie)

The first six packs in Box 7 were strong.  Let's see how the next six stack up!

Box 7:
Packs 7 - 12:

This group of packs wasn't quite as good as the first six, but they were still solid.  At this point in the case, if I can acquire a couple more new inserts out of each set of six packs then I'm a happy guy.

And happy I am since I pulled two more inserts, plus another 10th Anniversary buyback (full sized version from 2008).

My one new full-sized insert is the Djinn from Menagerie of the Mind.

The Djinn are creatures from Islamic and Arabic mythology.  According to the card back, a djinn can be good, evil, or even neutral.

Finally, another new mini for my collection - and yes, it's another First Lady (though that's the first First Lady out of box #7).

Not bad - and certainly a solid first half of a box!  12 more packs remain, what else lurks in the box?


bigbern28 said...

You have a PWE sending your way for that Edgar!

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