Thursday, July 02, 2015

Delivery Time! Sports Cards Ate My Brain - The Ken Griffey Jr. Countdown (#6 - 1)

It's finally time to end our countdown of awesome Ken Griffey Jr. goodness courtesy of Scott over at Sports Cards Ate My Brain!  We began with 17 contenders..and now we are down to the final six cards.  Which Griffey Jr. card takes the cake?  Read on to find out!

#6:  2005 Donruss (something or other):

The front design of this particular card is kind of neat in an old school way - but the real reason this card ends up in the #6 position on the countdown is 1) it's brand new to me and 2) it's numbered 20/50.  I know there are way more than 50 Ken Griffey Jr. collectors out I feel lucky to have any Griffey numbered out of 50!

#5:  2004 Donruss Studio:

I have no good reason to have this card in my top 5 except for the fact that I've always been a sucker for "credit card" type baseball cards.  The card isn't numbered...the team logo is ridiculously small, and there's even text going in all directions (a big design no-no for me).  And yet, I love it.  This is why sometimes we need to give baseball card companies a bit of slack - collectors are fickle even if we don't like to admit it!

#4:  2007 Goudey:

This is the red back mini version - and it's a great looking card.  I've been working on collecting a few different years of the Goudey set so this particular card is right up my collecting alley!

#3:  2002 Upper Deck (something or other):

This particular Griffey Jr. is serially numbered but this time it's out of a rather large 4,225 so it's not quite so impressive.  What is impressive though is the clean design - I love getting Griffey as both a Mariner and a Red on the same card - and the design is simple enough it shows off both uniforms nicely.

#2:  2006 Upper Deck Epic:

While "Epic" is a stupid name for a set, I can't deny the pretty foilboard card!  And the serial numbering (out of 675 this time) is only icing on the cake!  This card gets bonus points for mentioning the fact that Griffey passes a pair of Yankees.  Anytime a Red beats the Yankees I'm happy.

Before I get the #1 card on the countdown, I would be remiss if I didn't show off one more of the non-Griffeys that Scott sent my way:

That's a pretty cool manufactured patch of Frank Robinson.  I like the throwback commemorative patch...and in the case of the Reds, the design comes from 1890 which is a legitimate throwback!  None of that 1960s throwback nonsense for my Redlegs!

All of that leads us to the #1 Griffey Jr. card...

#1:  1999 Topps Stars and Steel:

Yeah, it's a set based on a gimmick (cards printed on actual metal) but it's a cool gimmick.  Plus, if a robber ever barged into my house I now have a Griffey emblazoned weapon (those corners are sharp)!  Seriously though, this is simply a cool, cool card.  The design is top notch and the colors really seem to pop off the steel card.

Thank you so much for the great trade Scott!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade be sure to take a look at my want list and make an offer!


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