Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015 Gint-a-Cuffs: Pack 10 (A Miracle Kitchen and an A&G Back Mini)

This pack provides our second non-regular mini parallel (the other being the black bordered Heyward from an earlier pack).  I expect a lot more of the base minis in the upcoming packs since we have already discovered four mini inserts.

Points so far: 60 points (barring any box topper change)

Pack 10:

158.  Kurt Suzuki
335.  Collin Cowgill
169.  Yordano Ventura
284.  Jay Bruce (+1 for my favorite team)!
205.  Dustin Ackley
240.  Trevor May
What Once Would Be:  Would-4.  Automated Kitchen  (+2 for being wrong)
A&G back mini:  74.  Casey McGehee  (+2 A&G back)

Pack total:  5 points
Points so far:   65 points

I'm not so sure that 65 points is a great score through 10 packs...a 6.5 per pack average (actually slightly lower given the box topper) puts me below one of the two posted scores to date (Gavin had a 159.6 score with his box according to the leader board page).


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