Sunday, August 09, 2015

Gint-a-Cuffs 2015: Pack 4 (A 1:130 Packs Mini Shows Up!)

We are still looking for our first hit of the box (spoiler alert - we won't find it in this pack).

Points so far: 20 (barring a rule change on the box topper)
Pack 4:

260.  Hunter Pence
342.  Josh Donaldson
34.  Buster Olney
35.  Paul Goldschmidt
54.  Javier Baez
10th Anniversary buyback:  2010 Ginter #164.  Kyle Blanks  (+3 points for an otherwise useless card)
Great Scott!  GS-6.  Deoxyribonucleic Acid  (+2 since no one put DNA as their favorite "player")
Black bordered mini SP:  330.  Jason Heyward  (+7 points - pretty nice point value for a freaking Cardinal!)

The black bordered short print is the real prize of the pack - after all, they are seeded at a rare 1:130 packs!  The DNA card is a duplicate for me - perhaps even a triplicate (I'd have to check my piles).  The Kyle Blanks buyback does absolutely nothing for me in terms of being a collectible - and since it is a San Diego Padre, I doubt anyone else cares either!

Pack total:  12
Points so far:   32

That pack was a pretty solid pack considering there wasn't a relic or autograph in it!  I'm not doing great hitting favorite players but otherwise I can't complain much.  I'm not sure where this puts me in relation to other people's Gint-a-Cuffs less than 8 points per pack on average (because of the box topper points), I doubt I'm on pace to finish in first.  Then again, it's still early on in the box...and quite honestly, I wrote the meat of these posts (and did all the scanning) so long ago that I actually don't remember what all was in this box (besides one card of course - but that will wait until the final pack just for fun)!


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