Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 390: 1996 Topps Finest - #319 - Finest Franchises Subset

Barry Larkin
Brand:  Topps Finest
Subset:  Finest Franchises
Card number:  319

The '96 Topps Finest set featured the annoying clear plastic covering in order to "protect" the valuable cards.  As a collector, I can't bring myself to tear the plastic covering off the card - though I would like to!  As for Barry Larkin, he actually appears in the 1996 Finest set on three different cards (#7, #167, and #319 which is the card above).  Card #7 is a silver card while the other two are both bronze (the common version).

I don't have a lot to say about the card front - it's certainly decent enough but the stupid plastic covering makes it an eyesore in my Larkin binder.  The back of the card is actually worse than the front in many ways - the duplicated image is annoying and so is the gigantic double-numbering card system that Topps used for the set!  All that said, I'm still glad to have this one in my collection (even if I don't think that this is the "finest" card Topps produced in 1996)!


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