Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Delivery Time! Minis from Eric!

The trade envelopes have drastically slowed down here at de casa de Nachos...probably because I've been so busy the past few weeks that I haven't been actively seeking trades!  Nonetheless, there have been a few straggling mailers that have shown up somewhat recently - some from trades that I completed before the recent work crush and others that were simply surprise mailings!

Today's envelope actually arrived a few weeks back - and it was my end of an Allen & Ginter heavy trade that I completed with Eric.  I helped Eric with many of his base card needs and he, in return, helped me with my mini wants!

I'm sure you can all figure out which presidency both Bush and Adams were first ladies during (despite the fact that we have had multiple Bush's and multiple Adam's as presidents).  But how about Lane?

That's Harriet Lane - she being someone who served as hostess for her uncle, the unmarried James Buchanan.  I think it's pretty cool that she got the nod to be on the card!

Moving on to the Magnates, Barons, and Tycoons set.  Eric helped me inch closer by sending me one of the final three cards that I needed for my set.

Henry Flagler ended up hitting it big as a founding partner of the Standard Oil. Co., and would eventually be instrumental in the development of Florida.  His picture surely makes him look like he is a Baron of some sort!

I don't have a lot to say about the California Condor other than that this ended up being the final card that I needed for the Birds of Prey set.  Quite frankly, being the final card of a set is probably the best thing I can say about pretty much any card - that's a huge deal as any set collector will tell you!

We end with a single bonus card that Eric threw in - but it's a good one!

That's Homer Bailey (the lone Reds' starter with more than one year's worth of experience at this point in time).  Bailey's card is numbered out of 50 on the back...but more importantly to the Reds, Bailey is one of the key players for next year's season.  If Bailey can come back and be a stellar pitcher, the Reds might have a chance.  If he can't, I'm afraid 2016 will be yet another loooonnnnggg year for Reds' fans.

Speaking of being a Reds' fan, do you find yourself enjoying baseball cards and/or blogging more if your team is playing well?  For some reason, I've found both baseball cards and my blogging to be fairly uninspired for much of this summer.  So much so, in fact, that I never even bothered to buy a single pack of something simple like Topps Series 2...and I haven't hosted a group break either in quite some time.

Maybe I should kick myself out of the blogging slump by hosting another Group Break least then I have a constant stream of source material for the blog!


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