Monday, September 07, 2015

Tales of Listia: The Two Dollar Bill and How It Relates to Ginter

A year or so ago, I was quite active on Listia - but a string of bad experiences (mostly sellers not sending the item I won) left me feeling sort of sour.  Then, over the past six months or so I've noticed that there has been severe credit inflation on the site - so much so that my 1,900 some odd credits were basically worthless.  This soured me even more.

For some unknown reason though, I clicked over to Listia last week and did a quick search for Allen & Ginter thinking maybe I could snag a card or two that I needed.  As luck would have it, I ended up having just enough credits to land a single mini card from the 2014 Allen & Ginter set.

That's John Trumbull from the Where Nature Ends mini insert set.  Before landing this card, I was still missing a decent sized chunk of the set (six in all) - and at least now that number is down to only five (view my full want list here).

I never took an art class in college so I don't know much about many of the artists in the insert set.  According to the card back, Trumball was the son of a Connecticut governor.  Trumball was a Harvard graduate who was blind in one eye and painted works such as The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill (which I never heard of by name but I've definitely seen the painting).
The painting is fully described in the article text.
Trumball also painted The Declaration of Independence which is featured on the back of the $2 bill.
A fun fact about the $2 bill - I keep one of those in my wallet wherever I go.  I don't know if it's superstition or if I want to make sure I can always buy a drink if I'm completely parched...but I haven't gone anywhere without that $2 bill since I first put it in my wallet about ten years ago!

While I may not be real likely to return to Listia any time soon, I do have to thank the seller for providing me with a nice learning opportunity (and, just as importantly, I get to remove one more card from my want list)!

PS:  Happy Labor Day everyone...  While you (most likely) get the day off, my college is in full session (we are beginning week 3 already)!  I guess there's worse problems to have than having to labor on Labor Day.


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