Monday, September 28, 2015

Theme Week: Better Know a Blogger - Recap Episode II

Yesterday, I began my Better Know a Blogger Theme Week by profiling the first six "interviews" that I conducted for the series.  Today, we take a look at the next six bloggers to be featured!  As before, clicking each link will bring you to the appropriate interview!

  • David (from Tribe Cards)
  • Mark (from Collector's Crack)
  • Marcus (from All the Way to the Backstop)
  • Brad (from Red Sox Fan in Nebraska)
  • AJ (from the Lost Collector)
  • Julie (from A Cracked Bat)

The Better Know a Blogger theme week was a huge success...and now I get the joy of putting all the interviews together in a single collection of posts for everyone to enjoy at once.  If you want in on the action before Better Know a Blogger is no more, you need to shoot me an email ASAP - by the end of the week I plan to end this particular theme week for good!

In terms of the six blogs featured today, we have another one that hasn't been updated lately (Red Sox Fan in Nebraska was last updated in June).  That's now three blogs (out of 12) that I've featured in the first two days of the Theme Week that have gone dormant.  Who knew a celebratory week of Better Know a Blogger posts would have such dark undertones?!

I'll have more interviews tomorrow - and by the end of the week I hope to have the final interview posted to the blog (my entry) - and with that we will say adieu to Better Know a Blogger for 2015!


Julie Owens said...

Thanks for sharing these again. I'd answer differently and in more detail if you were asking today. The past few months have given me an opportunity to reexamine my collection and motivations. Best to you Chris!

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