Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Theme Week: Better Know a Blogger - Recap Episode III

Another day, another collection of interviews from my Better Know a Blogger theme week!  Today, we take a look at interviews #13 - 18 that I conducted as part of the series.  As with the last two posts, if you click the link you'll be brought to the actual interview post of each respective blogger.

The blogger attrition continued with this batch of six interviews.  As of the time I wrote this recap post, we have Play at the Plate laying dormant since June, Cardboard Conundrum quiet since August, and Caitlin's blog no longer exists at all!

While I won't go into the drama surrounding Caitlin's exit from the blogosphere, I will say that I definitely miss Play at the Plate's blog the most from the group of "sleepy" blogs.  He and I have completed a number of trades over the years and he's always been good for a fun read (and lots of fun contests to follow along with as well).  I'm hoping he returns - and I'm hoping Matt's quiet blog is more the result of a busy September than it is a sign that he too won't be returning to us!  On the other hand, there are three blogs still going strong that are featured here as well...so all is not lost!

I'll have more interviews as the week goes on...but for now why don't you give the above six a read (and then maybe go give them a sign of support on their respective blogs)!


defgav said...

I wasn't aware of the drama surrounding Caitlin's exit, but it's a bummer she doesn't seem to be around anymore. I think it's always good to have diversity among the collecting/blogging community, and females and teenagers are both in short supply.

Kevin Papoy said...

If you knew what happened, I'm pretty sure you would'nt use the word 'bummer'...hehehe

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