Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Final Group Break Preparation Post: 6 Boxes, 3 Blasters, and 30 Additional Packs! Let's Get Ready to Rummmbbbllleeeeeeeee!

As of last night, I am happy to report that I have now sold all 30 slots in my group break.  That means that I need to add in a few more bonus items before we get to the actual fun part of the break...the busting of many packs!

Speaking of packs, I added in quite a few more bonus packs to go with what we already had in store.

As you can see, we have another pack with gum, plus some more Triple Play, a pair of true wax packs, another Tenny Mates pack, and one more pack of Chipz.  Not a bad start, but I'm only beginning.

I'm also adding in a second blaster of 2013 Topps Chrome (with the same caveat as last time).

Pretty good, right?

But there's more.

As promised, if I sold all 30 slots I'd be adding in a FULL 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter base set for the slot that ends up the worst in the break (in my opinion).

And with that, I think the break is ready to go!

Oh.  What?

You want one more bonus item?

A big box?

With three autographs?

Ok, fine!


That's a 2014 box of Topps Stadium Club - another set that I am working on.  Actually, I believe I have finally tracked down the last couple of base cards that I need but I am going to double check before I bust this box.  If I end up needing any base cards, I will announce that before I actually open the box.  Of course, as with the Topps Chrome bonus blasters, I only want regular base cards - not parallels, hits, etc.  So yes, this box means another three autographs in the group break for sure!

And NOW the break is ready to go.  Here's one last look at everything we will be busting!

I can't wait, how about you?  This Group Break promises to be massive!  Tell me what pack, blaster, or box you are most looking forward to!


Matthew Scott said...

I'm looking forward to pretty much all of it because I hope to hit some Kang cards. He is the one guy that avoids me like the plague on eBay because his prices are so high. Most of these sets either have an auto or low numbered parallels so I at least have a chance.

Tim B. said...

It all looks great! Can't wait to see you crack those packs!

The Junior Junkie said...


Brian said...

Very cool - I'm glad I decided to join in the fun this time!

RAZ said...

I'm looking forward to the High Tek. It's the one set in this break that I haven't seen very much of yet.

Jordan said...

Oh, man, I'm hoping the Yanks are well represented in this one. Especially in the Stadium Club boxes.

defgav said...

Happy to see that '14 Stadium Club bonus! The 2 SC boxes are probably what I'm most excited for.

Julie Owens said...

I'm always looking for Tigers n 'Stros. Should be fun! Thanks for hosting!

Ben Markham said...

Just hoping for some Buster Posey goodness...though I won't say no to a nice Willie Mays if it comes up!

Keith G said...

Looking for some of the Mets young arms

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