Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Group Break Begins (A Pair of Packs)

I busted the first two packs of our huge group break last night before bed.  Today is a huge day for me in terms of my future career...and I have to admit to being a bit nervous/worked up about what all is about to happen.

Because of that, my heart isn't into baseball cards right this two pack rip of a pair of 2007 Topps rack packs will have to suffice.

Enjoy the video.


defgav said...

Hope your big day went well! Looking forward to the rest of the break. Are you gonna do live streaming breaks?

Nachos Grande said...

Thanks! The day went...whether it went well or not will be determined in the next week or so I hope. As for live streaming, yes, I do hope to do that with the "main" boxes of the break. When I can carve out some time, I'll announce it on the blog!

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