Saturday, November 07, 2015

Group Break: The Last of the Random Packs! (Cal Ripken Jr. and Frank Thomas)

This is the last of the random group break packs!  I have three different packs to open today including a pack of 1993 Upper Deck, 1993 Leaf, and 1994 Fleer Extra bases.  I ripped all the packs on video which you can watch here:

I also will show off my favorite card(s) from each pack by beginning with the highlights from the 1993 Upper Deck pack.

In this pack, the cards were pretty much all stuck together (which makes for chipping as they are separated).  All things considered, it was a fairly weak pack in terms of player selection but the one lone highlight was this nice Cal Ripken Jr. subset card.

Moving on to 1993 Leaf, we did a bit better.  The front design of the cards is perfectly adequate as evidenced by this Steve Avery card.

However, it is the backs of the card in which 1993 Leaf is completely under-appreciated.  I mean, just look at this Gregg Olson card back.

Awesome!  How can you not love a shot of the Baltimore harbor on a baseball card?!

And finally, the 1994 Fleer Extra Bases pack.  These cards are all oversized - but they are still quite nice.  I liked the Doug Drabek card quite a bit.

Each Extra Bases pack also contains a single insert.  We did well by landing a nice Frank Thomas card for the White Sox (and JediJeff).

That's it for the random bonus packs (though I do still have 5 Topps Chipz packs to open, plus a couple more blasters of cards).  There will be more - stay tuned!


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