Thursday, November 12, 2015

Group Break: Topps Chipz in the Houze.

As you probably have guessed, I'm writing each post a few days ahead of when the post actually goes live.  And, of course, before I can write the post I have to actually rip open the pack(s) for whatever product it is that I'm writing about.  And since I am opening everything on video, I actually have to rip ALL of the packs from a box, blaster, etc. before I can start writing about them.  And so, put that all together and it doesn't take long for me to create a big backlog of packs that need to be scanned and posted about whenever I do a group break!

I'm pleased to say that I am just about caught up!  I ripped a ton of stuff on video about a week and half ago or so and only now am I about to tackle the final packs from that ripping party!  For the rest of today, we will take a look at the five 2013 Topps Chipz packs.  I'll do two now and the other three later today.

Once those two posts are done, I'll be able to rip the final two products (2014 Stadium Club & 2015 Tek).  As of the time I am writing this post (11/7), I have not yet ripped either box.  I wanted to clean off my desk of all the ripped stuff first!

Thus, let's get these Chipz packs sorted and then it's on to the final two boxes of the break!

Pack 1:

Joey Votto - Reds
Ian Kinsler - Rangers
Mark Trumbo - Angels
Josh Reddick - Athletics

From what I can tell, the Kinsler is a gold parallel and the Reddick is a silver parallel.  Each pack also comes with a game board which I'll randomly include in the group break boxes.

Pack 2:

Andrew Bailey - Red Sox
Derek Jeter - Yankees
Jacoby Ellsbury - Red Sox
Jason Kipnis - Indians

I'm no expert on Chipz but I do think the Ellsbury is a gold parallel.

I actually like the Chipz idea...especially since I am a big game player and poker chips and baseball make for a fun combination.  I would have preferred the parallels to change the border of the chip itself (so that you could use them in poker play with each color chip being worth a different amount of cash).  Even so, they are nice enough and hopefully make for a fun addition to the group break!


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