Monday, November 16, 2015

The Thrilling End to the Group Break (A CASE HIT!!)

I hope everyone has enjoyed the group break!  We are finally at the last post of the break...and it's for the last box of the break.  The one-pack-per-box 2015 Topps High Tek box in fact.  We get eight cards (with one autograph) per box.  I'm hoping for a Barry Larkin card...but let's see what happens!

Note:  I'm getting my odds information from this source.

Topps High Tek:

HT-DO.  David Ortiz - Red Sox

This is the regular base card version for the "A" players in the set called the Grass pattern.  This particular design is seeded at a rate of slightly more than 1 per box.  Luckily for us, our box only had one base card of this version.

HT-JL.  Jon Lester - Cubs

This is the regular base card version for the "B" players in the set called the Waves pattern.  As with the "A" version, the base cards are seeded slightly more than one per box but we lucked out in that we didn't get any extra of the regular base cards.

HT-MGE.  Mark Grace - Cubs

The Cubs score again!  This is the Spiral pattern which is used for "A" players.  The Spiral pattern is seeded exactly one per box making them slightly rarer than the Grass/Waves patterns.

HT-JSS.  James Shields - Padres

The Dots pattern is for the "B" players in the set.  You get both a Spiral and a Dots design in every box.

HT-RO.  Roberto Osuna - Blue Jays

Now we move on to the third tier of parallels.  This is the Circuit Board version which is only found for "A" players in the set.  Each High Tek box contains one parallel from the third tier, either the Circuit Board for "A" players or the Pipes design for "B" players.

HT-MBR.  Madison Bumgarner #38/99 - Giants

This is a Confetti Diffractor which is only found for "B" players.  The Confetti Diffractors are all numbered out of 99 (this one happens to be #38/99).  Cards of this time are fairly rare (seeded 1:5 boxes)!  I'd say this is a great hit for the Giants!

HT-MPR.  Mark Prior - Cubs (AUTO)

Our autograph is the third Cubs card of the High Tek box!  This is a beautiful on card autograph and it makes for an excellent box for the Cubs!

Amazingly enough, I'm not sure the Cubs did the best in the box...even though Chicago landed three of the eight cards.

That's right, I said eight cards.  You've only seen seven so far.

That's because we pulled a CASE HIT.

I didn't know it at the time I opened the box on video...but yes.  A case hit.

For the Houston Astros!

HT-CC.  Carlos Correa - Astros

This is the Grid pattern for "B" players and it is the sixth tier of parallels.  According to the Beckett page, the sixth tier is seeded at a rate of one per case!  The estimated print run for this bad boy is a mere 25 cards - so congrats go out to Julie for helping us end this group break on a super high note!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the break!  Start paying attention to your mailboxes because cards should be arriving soon!

And for that 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter complete set giveaway?  Well, I said the worst team in the break would get it.  Luckily, most teams did really well but by my estimation the Colorado Rockies were the worst team in the break.  According to my count, the Rockies landed a single parallel and that was it in terms of non-base cards.  For the base cards, the Rockies were also one of the lowest teams represented.  In the case of this break though, being worst is still ok since Adam K. claimed the Rockies he'll be getting the full Ginter base set!

Congrats to Adam for the Ginter set, congrats to Julie for the case hit, and congrats to Tim for landing three different Cubs Tek cards (including the auto).  And, of course, congrats to everyone in the break - I hope you all had a good time...and I hope you all enjoy the extra cards (and, in some cases, other goodies) that I'll be adding to your group break box.


The Junior Junkie said...

WOW. Crazy Cubs box FTW

SpastikMooss said...

Dang, that Correa is EPIC

shoeboxlegends said...


Adam Kaningher said...

That's a nice High Tek box!

Lucky me for being so unlucky! Do I also get a first-round draft pick?

CardinalsFan16 said...

Great way to wrap up the group break. I received the Cardinals lot yesterday. Have not had time to go through it all, but thanks so much for all the extras not seen in the videos. This was my first time participating in a group break, hope they all go this well.

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