Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: Do You Miss Upper Deck?

Through four packs, I've greatly enjoyed my 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs box.  In fact, I've enjoyed it so much that this box has sort of made me realize that I miss Upper Deck as a brand.  Oh sure, I didn't collect a lot of what Upper Deck put on offer, but I did enjoy some of their sets immensely (Masterpieces for example).  I also appreciated the fact that Upper Deck (normally) seemed to stress photography above most other things, even in their base sets and kid-centric sets (such as the Collector's Choice line which I loved)!

Of course, with the Dinosaurs set you can't really stress photos since, you know, no one was around to take pictures of the dinos in the wild.  However, Upper Deck has (mostly) hit the jackpot in terms of artistic renderings of the dinosaurs - so much so that I've greatly enjoyed every card in each pack, base, inserts, you name it.  Let's hope that trend continues now as I rip a couple more packs.

Pack 05:
17.  Utahraptor

50.  Olorotitan
106.  Placodus

3-D Dinosaur:  27.  Deinonychus

The Placodus is a high number sea creature short print which is cool.  The 3-D Dino is part of the Predators portion of the set which are much rarer than the Herbivore portion.  For comparison, Herbivore 3-D cards are seeded 1:7.5 hobby packs while the Predators 3-D cards are a much scarcer 1:25 hobby packs (not even one per box).  Of course, there are also Marine (1:50 hobby packs) and Flying (1:150 hobby packs) which are rarer yet!

I'm thinking it's virtually impossible to put together the master set of Dinosaurs.  You'd end up with thousands of extras base cards and you'd still need a ton of inserts.  Plus, I'm not sure the trade demand is all that high for extra Dinosaurs base cards...

Pack 06:
11.  Velociraptor
39.  Oviraptor
68.  Kaprosuchus
98.  Zuniceratops

144.  Brontotheruim

The Brontotherium "thunder beast" is also known as Megacerops.  The Thunder Beast is part of the High Series Super SP Ice Age Creatures portion of the set (seeded 1:8 packs).  You'd need a LOT of boxes (with amazing luck) to land all of the super short prints in the base set!

Two more packs down - and a pretty cool 3-D dino gets added to my growing stack of cards!  What do you all think of the dino set?  Did anyone out there buy the set - and if so, does anyone have any cards for trade (base, SPs, and/or inserts)?  I'm seriously considering making a run at the base set at least - though I'll have to see how close my one box gets me...I may need to make a card order in the new year for another box of Dinosaurs!


Dennis said...

I've never been big on non-sports cards, but these are very cool! I look forward to seeing what else you get. Make sure to send any doubles you pull to William Hayes of the Rams.

Stealing Home said...

I collected a lot of UD in the old days. I miss 'em.

The Dimwit said...

I bought a couple boxes, may be where you saw someone posting about them. I have some duplicates and inserts if you want to work out a trade later.

Fuji said...

I totally miss Upper Deck... especially Masterpieces. These dinosaur cards are pretty cool. If I ever see them on clearance, I'd probably bust a box.

Ryan G said...

I miss some of what Upper Deck did. A lot of people slammed them for some of their sets (the caricature celebrities set, for example) but those little quirky things add a little bit of playful fun to a hobby that caters too much to people who don't like to have fun. And Upper Deck had some great sets over the years - Masterpieces of course, the flagship sets, kid-centric products, etc. I collect Goodwin Champions every year... or at least buy the set.

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