Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: A Journey Through the Jurassic Era Continues

I'm back with another round of 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaur trading cards.  The box was a Christmas present for my wife - and I'm only allowing myself to open one pack at a time and then do the scanning and post writing before moving on to the next pack.  It's a giant test of my personal willpower to not rip through the entire box in one sitting but I will say that spreading it out and taking my time really adds a lot of extra fun to the entire box ripping process!

Yesterday I managed to get through the first two packs, let's see how far we get today!

Pack 03:
8.  Allosaurus

31.  Ouranosaurus
43.  Caudipteryx
47.  Tarbosaurus
114.  Jaekelopterus

No inserts in this pack but that Allosaurus picture is pretty cool, isn't it?!  I love the sunset imagery for one of the biggest, baddest dinos around.  The Jaekelopterus card is actually one of the short prints so I guess you can call that an insert.

For the record, the Dinosaurs set consists of 100 base cards plus 25 High Series Sea Creatures short prints (101 - 125) and 25 High Series Super SP Ice Age Creatures (126 - 150).

Pack 04:
21.  Therizinosaurus
28.  Prosaurolophus
58.  Tanystropheus

Mini:  108.  Kronosaurus

Sticker:  S-27.  Woolly Mammoth

That Mammoth sticker is pretty much the star of this pack - though I like that canvas mini SP as well!
Four packs through the box and I'm having a blast.  I don't care if these cards are meant for little kids - I think they are mighty cool.  It's been a fun rip so far, and there's something to be said for opening a box of cards just for the sheer fun of it.


Anonymous said...

Four packs in, and the cards are still cool... especially that Allosaurus. Maybe you can show the back of one of these? I don't think we've seen that yet.

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