Friday, December 04, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 408: 1990 Topps Magazine - #18

Battlin' Rouge (Eric Davis, Barry Larkin, & Chris Sabo)
Year:  1990
Brand:  Topps Magazine
Card number:  TM18

The Topps Magazine cards are printed on a much thinner stock than your typical baseball card.  In addition, they are perforated so that you can fairly easily punch the cards out from the magazine.  As such, it's not always easy to track down cards from the Topps Magazine set that are in decent condition.  Happily for me, this particular card is in pretty good shape (and I can thank P-Town Tom for sending it to me)!

The front of the card showcases three of the Reds' big hitters in 1990 (Larkin, Davis, and Sabo from left-to-right).  The border of the card is quite hideous but as a Reds' fan I cannot complain about the subject.  Also, how about that title:  Battin' Rouge.  It's terribly punny.

On the back, you get a nice write up of the three featured players - plus the line near the end of the paragraph really sums up the 1990 Reds:  "They expect to win every game."  I think that attitude is what helped them prevail over the favored Athletics in the World Series that year!


Dennis said...

They should have gone with a bigger border and different cropping--you can almost make out the players in their entirety.

Maveerick Uy said...

they are hunks... and I am one of their fans.
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P-town Tom said...

I love that Sabo is wearing his rec specs!

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