Saturday, December 12, 2015

Barry Larkin Collection 412: 2015 Topps High Tek - #HT-BL - Clouds Diffractor (#02/25)

Barry Larkin
Year:  2015
Brand:  Topps High Tek
Parallel:  Clouds Diffractor
Card number:  HT-BL (#02/25)

The Cloud Diffractors are the fourth rarest of the serially numbered cards and are numbered out of a rather stingy 25 copies (the three more common versions are Confetti #/99, Sky Rainbow #/79, and Gold Rainbow #/35).  There is also a Red Orbit Diffractor numbered out of 5 (but as of the time of this post all five copies have already sold on eBay for prices way outside my budget for any parallel).  After that, there are two patters for which only one copy exists (Black Rainbow and Black Galactic) and then there are printing proofs that are also numbered 1 of 1.

For a collector with a limited budget, I now consider my 2015 Topps High Tek Barry Larkin parallel collection complete - having all four of the more common serially numbered cards plus all six of the regular base card versions seems like a pretty good haul from the set.  I also have some of the autographs from the set to show off in the near future!


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