Friday, December 11, 2015

Birthday Blaster #2: 2015 Topps Stadium Club

Earlier this week, I busted my first (of two) 2015 Topps Stadium Club blasters that I received from my brother for my birthday last month.  It's now time to bust the second blaster!

Blaster 2:
Pack 1:
5.  Anthony Ranaudo
75.  Lou Brock
191.  Joe Panik

259.  Greg Maddux
294.  Wil Myers

This is the first pack out of either blaster in which there wasn't at least one card image that wowed me.  That said, the Panik is still a very nice looking card.

Pack 2:
77.  Marcell Ozuna
92.  Jorge Soler

121.  Luis Aparicio
202.  Stephen Strasburg
230.  Billy Butler

If I were a rookie in MLB, I'd be happy to have a photo like Soler's for my Stadium Club rookie card.  It's obviously a photo of him celebrating doing something good, whether it was a home run or maybe a sacrifice fly isn't really important.  What's important is that this card celebrates greatness - what more could you ask for on a rookie card?

Pack 3:
2.  Sonny Gray
69.  Chris Sale
72.  Madison Bumgarner
124.  Cliff Floyd
140.  Jay Bruce

That's an awfully nice photo of Bruce - another good celebration photo!

Pack 4:
52.  Jake Marisnick
84.  Andrelton Simmons
115.  Jason Heyward
119.  Pedro Alvarez
Foilboard parallel:  250.  Manny Machado #10/25

Woah!  That was a surprise!  The Foilboard parallels are tough pulls in retail (1:129 packs)!  Having it numbered out of only 25 AND being a pretty good name?  Extra cool.

Through 1.5 birthday blasters, I've now pulled a 1:129 pack card (the Machado) and a 1:512 pack card (Carlos Santana Member's Only parallel from the first blaster).  I should definitely have my brother buy all my blasters from here on out!

Only four packs remain from my birthday haul but honestly the two blasters have already delivered in spades!


Adam said...

You have had amazing luck with those blasters. My luck is never that good when I crack into blasters like that.

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