Friday, December 18, 2015

Complete Set Chronicles: 2015 Topps Archives base set (cards #1 - 300)

Back in the day, I thought that I would try to highlight the various sets that I collect.  In 2011 and 2012, I wrote about ten different sets that I had completed and then in 2013 I wrote about one more.  Since then though?  Silence on the Complete Set Chronicles front.

Let's eliminate that silence and add a bit more noise to the end of year celebrations!  For today, we are going to take a look at one of the sets from 2015 that I've managed to complete.  And, if all goes well, it won't be the year 2017 before you see another one of the sets that I've completed this year!


The lucky player to get card number one in the set is none other than the Dodgers' ace Clayton Kershaw.  I can't really complain about the choice of Kershaw as card #1 in the set - even if the photograph is rather dull.


The 2015 Topps Archives set has 300 base cards plus another 30 cards that were short printed and inserted in much too rare numbers.  For me, I'm only collecting the 300 regular base cards which means the final card in my set is #300, Willie Mays.  That's a fun combination I guess where a Dodger starts the set and the Dodger's arch rival Giants end the set.

Card Design:

The 2015 Archives uses old designs to make up the base set.  Cards #1 - 100 use the 1957 Topps design, cards #101 - 200 use the 1976 Topps design, and cards #201 - 300 use the 1983 Topps design.  All three designs are pretty good replicas of the source material...and the throwback designs are complemented nicely by the inclusion of a number of legends of the game.


For me, the true highlight of the 2015 Archives set is the inclusion of Barry Larkin!  Actually, the set has quite a few legends including a number of players that don't often get a lot of hobby love (for example Carlton Fisk, Bruce Sutter, and Jim Bunning).  The mix of players is definitely welcome (even if there are still too many of the "usual suspects" in the set such as Ripken, Ruth, etc.).


It's tough to pin down a score for the Topps Archives set.  On the one hand, there's basically zero creativity since the base set is nothing more than a rehash of three old Topps' designs.  On the other hand, the mix of legends, current players, and rookies found in this set is much better than pretty much any other set in recent Topps thew in Barry Larkin which is a great way to bribe me!  Taking everything into consideration, I'm going to give this set a score of 8.0 out of 10 which makes it a recommended set for you to collect!


Mark Hoyle said...

Congrats. The set must look great in the binder

Jeff Jones said...

Glad I was able to help you with it even if it was only a little bit. Making me bust these out of thier box and contemplate completing it myself.

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