Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Delivery Time: Baseball Card Breakdown and the Custom Cardsphere Heroes set!

Over the past couple of days, I've started showing off the 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaur cards that I received from my wife for Christmas.  However, that wasn't the only card related Christmas present that I got.  In fact, I ended up getting a number of Christmas presents in the mail from some pretty awesome bloggers including Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown.

According to his post, Gavin created a 9 card set called Cardsphere Heroes where he picked nine bloggers who collect certain players and then created a nine card set consisting of those players.  I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers that Gavin picked - so that means Barry Larkin is part of the custom set!

Before I show off the awesome Larkin card, here's the full set (according to Gavin's webpage).
1. Tony Gwynn
2. Luis Torrens
3. Robin Yount
4. Barry Larkin
5. Ken Griffey, Jr
6. Tim Wallach
7. Andrew McCutchen
8. Ron Cey
9. Tino Martinez

As you can see, Barry gets the #4 spot in the set - right before Ken Griffey Jr!  Without further ado, here's the custom card that Gavin created...

It's awesome!  Gavin said he created the set using Stadium Club for inspiration (full bleed photography, cool photos, etc.) and I'd say he nailed it.  I love this shot of Larkin, I presume it's of Barry celebrating the Reds winning their only World Series from my lifetime!

While the front of the card is undeniably great, I'm more honored by the back of the card:

It's not often you get your name (or blog's name in this case) mentioned on a baseball card - so this is pretty cool.  Plus it's a one-of-one so that means my Barry Larkin collection will always have something in it that no one else's will!  :)

Many, many thanks Gavin for including Barry in your custom set - and for sending me the card!

Speaking of cards sent by Gavin, there were a few non-custom cards in the envelope as well (including a couple of "official" Larkin cards).  First up, a Topps Gold Label card from 2000.

I love the Topps Gold Label brand - and if Topps were ever to reintroduce the brand I'd be one of the first to give it a try.

Gavin also including a serially numbered Donruss Elite "Passing the Torch" insert from 2004.

The card is numbered 204/500 and joins my small (but rapidly growing) collection of serially numbered Barry Larkin cards.

Many, MANY thanks Gavin!  You have no idea how much it made my day when I opened up your envelope!


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