Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015 Topps Stadium Club: I'm Really Dragging This Out, Aren't I?

Welcome to the penultimate post from my 2015 Topps Stadium Club Christmas present box!  I've stretched this box out about as far as one could - but it's been a lot of fun in the process so I have no complaints.  Plus, opening up only two packs at a time gives me a chance to better appreciate each individual card - and with Stadium Club, you should appreciate each individual card (at least the base cards)!

Here we go, only four packs remain - here's two of 'em.

Pack 13:
29.  Trevor Rosenthal
94.  Wei-Yin Chen
144.  Prince Fielder
151.  Andrew Cashner
219.  C.J. Cron
269.  Angel Pagan

Picture wise, this has been a disappointing pack thus far.  The Pagan is really the scan-worthy card.
281.  Yordano Ventura
Black & White parallel:  59.  Adrian Gonzalez

The Black Foil parallels are seeded 1:8 packs, meaning you should get two per box.  This is our second such parallel (the other being Jake Odorizzi).  At least this one is probably likely to generate some trade interest unlike the Rays' Odorizzi.

Pack 14:
12.  Giancarlo Stanton

Love this card!
19.  Scott Kazmir
33.  Cal Ripken Jr.
81.  Monte Irvin
103.  Kennys Vargas
128.  Cory Spangenberg
207.  Doug Fister
Luminous:  T-6A.  Bryce Harper

And my luck pulling Harper cards continues with this one-per-box Luminous insert (1:16 packs). The Luminous cards are the most common of the three triumvirate versions (the others being Luminescent and Illuminator).  

I suppose getting a box hit in a Harper insert plus a two-per-box parallel makes for a fairly strong pair of packs.  Only two packs remain - and yes, this is the actual order that I opened up each pack so you know I started to get nervous about not getting my second autograph.  The good news is that I did get the second autograph...the question is, will it be worth the wait?

Find out soon!


Jeff Jones said...

Poor Jake Odorizzi, he's good too!

Tim B. said...

I'm interested in the Odorizzi whenever we trade again.

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