Saturday, January 02, 2016

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: A Dino Patch Shows Up!

I pulled a pretty sweet shadow box dinosaur card the last time I ripped a couple of packs out of my 2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs box.  Could I possibly top that pull with the contents of the next two packs?  Let's find out!

Pack 09:
20.  Moschops
53.  Cryolophosaurus
60.  Postosuchus
90.  Puertasaurus

Mini:  21.  Therizinosaurus

Age of the Dinosaurs patch:  AOD-49.  Mosasaurus

The Age of the Dinosaur patch cards are pretty cool looking!  I have to admit I was hoping to get one of the land dinos but I'll take Mosasaurus!  According to the online checklist, this patch is part of the most common group of patch cards (Group D seeded 1:32 packs).  Upper Deck sure made collecting the full set difficult!!

Pack 10:
2.  Argentinosaurus
13.  Archaeopteryx
49.  Seismosaurus
69.  Protoceratops

Mini:  67.  Guanlong

According to the card back, the Guanlong is one of the earliest tyrannosaurs to be discovered.  I wouldn't have guessed that was the family that Guanlong belonged to based on the picture, would you?

Through half the box I've now found my one promised patch card and two of the four promised 3-D cards.  I should also get a sketch card before all is said and done (and I beat the odds on the shadow box card).  No complaints from me so far - what a fun box rip!!


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