Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2015 Upper Deck Dinosaurs: In Which I Finally Land my Favorite Dinosaur!

Before I begin ripping today's packs, I need to first say "happy birthday" to my youngest brother!  He's in graduate school out in the middle of the country but he was able to get home for the holidays so it was nice to see him and hang out a bit!

Now, let's see some more dinosaurs!

Pack 15:
14.  Brachiosaurus
42.  Camptosaurus
77.  Torosaurus
79.  Sinornithosaurus

103.  Eurhinosaurus

The more of the Dinosaur cards that I see the more amazing it must have been to be able to see all the dinosaurs roaming the earth...  Can you imagine walking through the woods and stumbling across a Torosaurus for instance?  That'd be both petrifying and awe-inspiring!

Pack 16:
4.  Anklyosaurus

44.  Pterodactyl
67.  Guanlong
72.  Hyperodapedon

Mini:  3.  Giganotosaurus

I had to scan the Anklyosaurus on its own because as a kid the Anklyosaurus was always my favorite of all the dinosaurs!  I couldn't help but hope to get his "base card" in this box - and now I have it!

16 packs in and I'm still loving pretty much every pack I rip open.  This Dinosaurs set is pure, unadulterated fun!


arpsmith said...

These are great looking cards, I am glad you are sharing them all. I may need to pick up a box of these.

Nachos Grande said...

Thanks, I actually just bought myself a second box which should arrive before too many more days. I'm hoping to finish off the base set (minus SPs) at least. Truly a fun rip (if you like dinos at least)!

Zaritah Pierre said...

i want to buy these kind of box. i really want to have one :)

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cynicalbuddha said...

I really do love this set. I just wish the product wasn't so expensive. Growing up I had a small figure of the Anklyosaurus and my siblings and I called it the boob-tailed dinosaur.

sai mangune said...

I'm one of the people who are fascinated with these amazing creatures!
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