Monday, January 11, 2016

Another Christmas Box: 2015 Topps Stadium Club (Hobby Box)

Today is the first "official" day of the new semester which means I'll be busy teaching all day (and signing drop/add forms).  I put official in quotation marks though because I had to work yesterday - I proctor the mathematics placement exams for all incoming transfer students.

Anyhow, since it is both Monday and the first real day back at work, I figured it is time to start busting my second (of three) Christmas boxes of cards.  I already tore through the Upper Deck Dinosaurs it's back to something a little more familiar to most of you - 2015 Topps Stadium Club.

I love the Stadium Club line and the 2015 set is especially nice - so you can imagine how happy I was to receive this box for Christmas from my wife!  The box has 16 packs with 8 cards per pack.  Like the Dinosaurs box, I'll spread the pack rips out (and try to intersperse some other blog material) in order to keep things fresh).

Happy Monday ya'll, let's get rippin'!

Pack 01:
26.  Juan Lagares
56.  Hunter Pence

This is a great shot - and one of the reasons that I love Stadium Club (plenty of non-swinging, non-pitching card images but still baseball related).  
77.  Marcell Ozuna
124.  Cliff Floyd

Another reason why I like this year's Stadium Club set?  There are some past players of the game scattered about, and not just the usual suspects like Ruth, Mays, and Koufax.  Rather, there are some guys like Cliff Floyd included...though I do wish Barry Larkin had a card as well!
185.  Josh Harrison
200.  Mike Morse

A timeless pose.
287.  Pablo Sandoval
Gold Foil Parallel:  270.  Kevin Kiermaier

I have no interest in any non-Reds parallels that I may pull so this is either available for trade or possibly going to end up on eBay.  Speak now if you are interested!

Pack 02:
39.  Josh Donaldson

Another nice baseball related image that isn't typically found on a baseball card.  Nothing like a little soft toss!
52.  Jake Marisnick
69.  Chris Sale
83.  Sean Doolittle
102.  Cliff Lee
115.  Jason Heyward
257.  Paul Molitor
Gold Foil Parallel:  225.  Kristopher Negron

Whaddya know, a Reds parallel!  

All things considered, that was a solid start to the box.  I'm planning on collecting the entire 2015 Stadium Club set (and I've already opened up a pair of blasters last year) so I'm hopeful this box gets me close to completion.  I'm writing this post ahead of time so by the time you read it I will (hopefully) have my want list updated with what I still need from 2015 Stadium Club.


Jeff Jones said...

I'd trade for that KK, grabbed a keys to the city yesterday hopefully it's one you need

Daniel Wilson said...

Stadium Club is such a great set! Love the photography.

JayP said...

Those cards are awesome! Unfortunately I only bought 2 packs last year. I'm definitely going to collect the whole set as well (eventually).

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