Sunday, February 21, 2016

A PWE that Made Me LOL: (Johnny's Trading Spot)

Now that the group break is over, I can breathe again and, ideally, get caught back up on some trade packages that have arrived over the past couple of weeks.  Since I'm also trying to get caught up on my school work (I have two new preps this semester so I have been dealing with a LOT of lesson planning), I won't spend a real long time on the blogs today.  No matter, I still wanted to show off a package and this PWE is calling my name.

Actually, the PWE had my name on it.  And in it.  But more on that in a moment.  First, let's acknowledge John over at Johnny's Trading Spot.  He's an awesome trader - and he also has a sense of humor.  Why?  Let's see if you can spot it.

No?  Here's a better hint.

That's right, John stumbled across a guy who was a pitcher for the Princeton Reds back in 1991 - a guy who just so happens to share my name.  Unfortunately, I've never pitched for any team, let alone a minor league team of my favorite team.

That said, the contents of the envelope really did make me laugh - and after the last few weeks of incredible busyness, I could use the humor!  Thanks John for brightening my day!


Joe Frecker said...

That IS hilarious! He even looks like you a bit.

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