Final Call for the Group Break (Only 9 Teams Remain)

This is it, the final chance to join in my 2016 Topps Series 1 group break.  I WILL be opening the case on either Friday night (tomorrow) or else Saturday.  I have a few slots remaining, but I must give major thanks to a few people who scooped up slots over the past 24 hours - without them I would have been eating a lot of the cost of the case.  For a while there it looked like I wouldn't be hosting another group break anytime soon...but now at least I can breathe easier!  Also, as promised, I'll be including some random packs just to add to the fun!

Speaking of fun, if you want in, this is it.  Claim a team (or multiple teams)'s what remains:

$45 tier:
Boston Red Sox  -

$35 tier:
Pittsburgh Pirates -
Toronto Blue Jays -

$30 tier:
Atlanta Braves  -

$25 tier:
Arizona Diamondbacks -
Cleveland Indians -
Florida Marlins -
Milwaukee Brewers -
Tampa Bay Rays -

Also, if you haven't paid please do so before noon on Friday (unless other arrangements are made with me before then)!  Thanks!