Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Group Break in Review: Box #3 Highlights (A Super Short Print - 1:250 Jumbo Packs)!

I've already shown all of the highlights from our first two group break jumbo boxes out of the 2016 Topps Series 1 case.  Today, it is time to look at box #3!

Box #3 highlights:

Once again, we begin with the buyback cards.  This time around we got a red stamp (limited) and a silver stamp (scarce).

The silver stamped buybacks are supposedly the second hardest type to find (only the gold stamped 1/1 cards are a tougher pull).  Getting a silver stamp on a good player (Glavine) makes this buyback that much sweeter - a nice pull for the Braves for sure.  Speaking of the Braves, the other buyback is probably only known as a Braves card (since it features Chipper Jones and three other guys who never really did all that much).  Even so, it'll be randomized among all four teams at the end of the break.

Next, our requisite sticker - this time for Boston.

I feel like there are two or three different ideas in play on that sticker...but none of them seem to gel together to form a cohesive whole.  I guess I'm just not a fan of the Wacky Packages line of stickers.

Moving on to things I do like, the rainbow parallels!  We pulled another five (as expected) in box #3 including Adam Eaton hitting a baseball at a smoke monster.

Like the previous box, Box #3 also produced four gold parallels (numbered out of 2016).

Obviously the Yankees did best here with two of the four, but still all four are pretty nice.  I like the design of the gold parallels this year a lot more than in recent years' past.  Kudos to Topps for that.

We didn't pull any other rarer parallels in this box, but we did find one other super rare card.  In fact, it's so rare it is called a Super Short Print!

That's Miguel Sano of the Twins with a Super Short Print version of his base card.  The SSPs are seeded 1:250 Jumbo Packs...That's crazy!  Play at the Plate ended up claiming the Twins so I suspect he'll be happy with this one.

Finally, our three hits beginning with the autograph.

The Angels were also claimed by Play at the Plate, so I'm thinking he is loving box #3.  Like the other autographs we've found, the Calhoun is a sticker.  Even so, the design is nice enough that I can forgive the use of stickers.

Our relic is our first bat relic of the break - and it goes to the perpetually unclaimed Florida Marlins.

I guess I'm happy to get a relic for my collection...but seriously, where are the Marlin collectors?!  And yes, the relic came "cracked" out of the pack.

And finally, our manurelic - another team pin.

And yes, once again I'm stuck with the card since the Blue Jays also went unclaimed.  I won't complain bout this one though, I like it.

That finished off the first half of the case.  We've done quite well so far - two SPs, one SSP, and a whole lot of other great stuff.  What will the second half hold?  Well, I actually know since I already busted the whole case but if you haven't watched the video you'll just have to wait and find out!


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