Monday, February 15, 2016

Group Break in Review: Box #6 Highlights (Kris Bryan relic, Jose Fernandez Auto, Johnny Bench Buyback, & More)!

It's finally time to show off the contents of the final box out of our 2016 Topps Series 1 Jumbo case break.  Through five boxes, I would say we already officially have a MONSTER case on our hands...what will box #6 add to our stash?

Box #6 Highlights:

I spent much of the time while opening the group break case talking about how I don't care for the idea of stamped buyback cards.  And then, wouldn't you know it, Topps tried their best to sway me.  First, in Box #5, I landed a Reds 1 of 1 buyback.  And then there's box #6.

Yeah, a Johnny Bench buyback...even a curmudgeon like myself can't complain about that beauty.  Add in the blue stamp (signifying rare) and you've got a pretty nifty card.  Well played Topps.

Moving on, our final sticker of the case goes to the Kansas City Royals.

I was happy to see the Royals get another insert - KC had been pretty quiet in the group break (besides the short print card which obviously shouldn't be overlooked)!

Our tour through the parallels of the box begins with the five rainbow parallels:

I don't have much to say about the player selection other than we hit a bunch of teams for the first time in the case (in terms of rainbow parallels) which is nice.

Our gold parallels numbered three this time around...

...and neither the Mariners nor Angels had had any gold parallels prior to this box so we continue our theme of spreading the love around!

We found two more parallels in our final box - one of which was this black parallel numbered 36/65.

Congrats to the Giants for getting on the board with their first numbered parallel of the case (according to my makeshift records anyhow).

And finally, another negative parallel.

The Angels get this pretty nice Jered Weaver card.  I must say, though it doesn't really show up great in the scan, Weaver looks like he has devil eyes with smoke around him in this card.  It's actually kind of creepy.  No, check that.  It's totally creepy.

And now, our final three hits of the case:

First, because I always pull at least one Marlins hit (and never sell the Marlins' slot):

Pretty hard to complain about being "stuck" with a Jose Fernandez autograph I guess!  This is actually the second hit for the fish, so let that be a lesson to all of you for my next group break...someone claim the freakin' Marlins already!

Moving on.

For the Mariners, a nice Nelson Cruz relic card!  The Mariners had been pretty quiet throughout the group break but box #6 has been a boon for Seattle's pile.  Two gold parallels and now a relic.  Not bad, not bad at all.

And our final hit of the break?  Oh you know, only a manurelic of the game's most popular young player...

That's Kris Bryant closing out what can only be described as an AWESOME case.  I hope everyone has enjoyed following along, whether you were part of the break or not.  I still have some more bonus packs to open up and then everything will be packed up and mailed out!


Play at the Plate said...

Great case Chris!

Scott Sawyer said...

The citizens of Miami don't even claim the Marlins.

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