Friday, March 25, 2016

Delivery Time! Some White Bordered Gypsy Queen and Some LEGO Minifigures Courtesy of Colbey!

One of my favorite trading partners out there is Colbey (from Cardboard Collections).  Colbey collects a lot of the same things I do - and that isn't limited only to baseball cards.  He also is a big fan of video games and other assorted toys (such as LEGO)!  Clearly, Colbey and I could get along quite well!

Out latest swap had a little bit of two different worlds for me - LEGO and baseball cards.  Since this is a baseball card blog, I'll only highlight the cards that I received...but if you want to learn about the LEGO, go check out my plastic brick-centric blog "Playing with Bricks."

Returning to the baseball cards, Colbey dug deep into my want list and helped me out with some of my wants that still remain from 2013.  More specifically, he sent me a bunch of 2013 Gypsy Queen white border parallels!

I may have soured on the Gypsy Queen brand in recent years, but the 2013 white bordered cards are a perfect representation of why I did like the brand at one time!

Out of the bunch that Colbey sent, the clear winner is the Koufax card.  Here it is again, just a bit bigger so you can see how gorgeous it really is!

Many thanks for the trade Colbey!  I should mention again that I also very much appreciated the LEGO figures (perhaps even more than the baseball cards to be honest)!

As for anyone else, if you'd like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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